Learning subjectives for Rhizo15

I get the feeling, having watched #rhizo14 from afar, that the most useful place for my #rhizo15 posts is this more philosophic space I set up here on WP a little while ago. Set up as an open space for reflection it was promptly left pretty empty as the burden of doing replaced the opportunity for philosophical thinking!

As a newbie to #rhizo15 I am feeling my way but I spend lots of time online so I feel I know lots of “peeps” and I am safe to be honest out “in the wild”. In fact going out into open spaces such as the countryside are often the default for many of us when thinking is to be done. So I’m packing my map and compass (at least there’s wifi in this wilderness) and heading for the wilderness where I will set out to think about this first challenge.

My learning subjectives

“subjectives” – noun rather than adjective used here. Some posts interpret this as their personal aims for participation in #rhizo15 That makes sense in learning design terms at this stage. Tthe connectivist nature of this course will be supported if we can see what others want to achieve and more easily find affinities. However that definition of learning subjectives is not fully doing justice to the noun here. If I am to take it that it is meant in accordance with the adjectival meaning then it is my personal understanding of my aims for engagement, which may be incomplete and evolving. I get the feeling I need to give personal context as part of this post and apply a waver that my aims may change! Community is the curriculum after all, so who I meet a long the way may well shape my aims and change them.

So my context is :

open educational practice, edtech for language learning, French and Spanish speaker, innovation and leadership in teaching and learning, higher ed but with experience of cross sector teaching, supporting innovation in CPD such as open badging and re-professionalisation of teaching, heutagogy, political engagement for social equity and fairness…(not in any particular order, more of a melée)

and my aims at this point of #rhizo15 –

  • to find like minds and others who will challenge me to think more deeply
  • to keep involved whilst also juggling many other responsibilities and stay (reasonably) sane
  • to contribute in some way

So my learning subjectives are the psychological aspects of my life and experience which will affect my cognition, the factors that will cause my attention to be drawn to certain aspects of my learning and that of others who interact with me. maybe..but call back in a week or so and I will let you know if anything changes…

image: Wilderness by Moyan Brenn CC BY 2.0

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