Summer fun!


gnome fishing

laughing gnome!

Summer is here and most people think of this as a time when academics disappear into the undergrowth to water their garden and ponder. This little chap sits at the bottom of my garden and, in the unusually good weather I have taken to sitting with him, my Chromebook in my hand, sharing my endless workload whilst he gets on with his watering and pondering. In truth, the chances of a peaceful ponder for me are remote. There’s a major website change to implement, a new European project just getting underway, two conference presentations to finish, plans to finalise, training to complete…it is a long list. Although demanding, many of these activities will be invigorating and the learning I undertake will be the water that helps me grow. Blogging will also make me ponder. I  plan to disappear into the undergrowth for a week 🙂

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