An unwanted gift

So, Christmas Eve was highjacked by the expectation of an announcement on that long disputed Brexit deal.

The discussions went on and on and finally concluded in the evening with something #notmypm is claiming a victory. Well, he must be pretty desperate, given the omnishambles we have all been living through in the covid disaster that is the UK right now. Yet to see if the deal passes muster. There is no doubt that the years of debate and media coverage we have all had to endure are worth it – I am sure we have lost more than we’ve gained. The EU peace project was welcomed and co-constructed by the UK after the 2nd world war. Since then our country, in the hands of the tory party #notmygovt in the thrall of the extreme right wing ERG with their unedifying and ill informed discourse – no researcher would wish to be associated with – has become a place I no longer recognise. They have systematically removed our rights and fought to remove accountability displaying a shameful cronyism in all they do. Inequality has continued to expand, the vulnerable left to fend for themselves. The lies have become a national feature which our media (with very few exceptions) have been happy to amplify. The “othering” is rampant, creating a hateful and selfish society.

If you would like to know how things will change, here’s a useful guide:

There’s more detail yet to emerge, if you can bear to look at a time when we are trying to make the most of a pretty dismal Christmas:

Still struggling as I am to get access to my twitter account, I decided to come to my blog space to vent my feelings – anger, disappointment, distaste for the actions of #notmygovt.

Tomorrow my youngest son will work a 12 hour shift on Christmas day, supporting patients who are struggling with respiratory conditions in a local hospital. He (along with many other carers who will work on Christmas day) is not able to enjoy the 24 hours break from restrictions which are afforded to others. #notmygovt didn’t think about them when they changed the rules at the last moment. They were forgotten.

This is not the country it was.

Where is the hope? What is our future?

Ever had a disappointed Christmas present? An unwanted gift from someone you realise doesn’t know you at all? That’s how I feel right now.

One response to “An unwanted gift

  1. thank you for writing this Teresa. Take strength fro knowing you ate not alone. Many of us feel the same – hopefully we can start to “take back control” and fight back.

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