Incentivised culling

The deliberate creation of a scheme to reduce expenditure on the most vulnerable in society has been one of the Tory party’s key policies over the past 10 years or so. This has of course brought disastrous consequences for many disabled people, including the sad death from starvation of Errol Graham. In a letter written in preparation for his DWP “fitness for work” interview Graham wrote:

judge me fairly” and yet there was no intention of fairness from the DWP. The system is geared towards cost savings, it doesn’t take into consideration the potential consequences of its decisions, it doesn’t care about the individuals who suffer and need help. The premise is one of judgement, a narrative that portrays those who are vulnerable as “scroungers” , one where words such as “merit” are used to persuade others that the vulnerable are undeserving.

I read with interest this article by Mary O’Hara in which she describes how we need to change the narrative by changing the narrators. Errol Graham wrote his own heart rending narrative shortly before he starved to death.

Please help to change the narrators, please refuse to accept the discourse of the deserving poor. Please CARE. Over to Mary again:

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