Honouring cruelty

My photo of my radical tea towel CC0

I will be glad to see the end of 2019 for many reasons. In the UK the arrival of a new year traditionally holds a New Year’s Honours list with nominations including those made by our newly elected Conservative government. I rarely pay attention to these, it is not a system I value but this year one particular nomination has made me really angry. It is a political choice that reveals a predilection for cruelty which is characteristic of the current political situation here. This particular individual is responsible for the introduction of a system which is causing huge misery and even death. He is the “architect” of Universal Credit – a system which used external contractors ATOS to evaluate the fitness for work of some of the poorest and weakest in our society (no experience necessary).

Are these “British values” ? The demonisation of those who need help in the name of cost savings? The cost of the implementation of Mr. Iain Duncan Smith’s “brainchild” has been audited and found lacking and the impact is hugely costly at a human level. But what price humanity? You can stand up against this decision by signing this petition. The numbers backing the petition continue to rise, that gives me hope.

I am not alone in being disgusted by the actions of this individual:

I am not alone in being disgusted by the actions of this individual, thank you all those who are also prepared to call out this injustice on behalf of those who have suffered, are suffering or will suffer as a result of his ideologically driven changes.

The bogey man CC0 (my photo enhanced by Google)

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