For the few, not the many.

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The government of the UK is now in the hands of a privileged few. It has ever been so you may say. Not so. In what would, had it happened elsewhere, have been called a coup, No. 10 is now occupied by a known liar and he has surrounded himself with birds of a feather.

Analysis of Boris’ cabinet published in The Guardian 26th July 2019.

These people have no interest in improving the life chances of UK citizens, they are not united by a shared commitment to our future. They are united only by self interest. Boris first indeed!

Early announcements include:

-increasing recruitment of police officers: sounds good after successive austerity cuts by Tories have reducing the force. Sounds wise if you think your next moves may increase social unrest and you may need back up to stay in power.

-deregulation of bioscience to increase investment in genetically modified foods: opening the door to US food giants post Brexit, not to mention chlorinated chicken. The EU had been protecting us from this.

The Minister for time travel, Jacob Rees-Mogg, knows that words and language matter. He has decreed some seriously bizarre linguistic rules for his office communications. The changes betray his sexist, elitist orientation. A good fit then for this Cabinet. My heartfelt thanks go to @Lynneguist for her insights here.

My friends and colleagues from around the world please understand. The UK is under the control of a government who conceal their personal ambitions under a thin veneer of dynamism which will, if it is allowed to play out, see us all (those of us not part of an economic elite) forced to become the worker ants of a gig economy in an isolated, vassal island state in the service of the US.


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