Mahara #maharauk15

here you go Steve!

Horses for Courses: A whole college approach to using Mahara for teaching, learning and assessment in the land-based sector

Mahara for practical teaching and learning in an online Theatre Studies programme

Together we are better!

Evidencing staff commitment to the UK Professional Standards Framework via Mahara ePortfolios

A proposal for technique to use common terms among multiple systems – Common translation memory by Mahara, Moodle and Sakai CLE

Lightening talks:

Cross-curricular Mahara to develop independence and digital literacy


@LearnTribe at the wheel, “This is your captain speaking…

A single site action research study exploring the use of Mahara in a not-for-profit organisation

Start from scratch – begin with a BANG!

Wishlist tweets

CDS continued…

Sponsors. VLE Middleware will support the new Midland Users of Mahara group MUM!

SmartEvidence: Evidence maps in ePortfolios

Supporting growth of Mahara

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