Nailing our colours to the mast


Image: CC0 Pixabay

There are times when we each have to let others know what we feel. The past few months have brought me to a point where I can no longer dismiss the direction of travel of national discourse as something which I cannot influence and I believe many others feel the same way. The “silent majority” has to find a voice and nail their colours to the mast . Trumps election, following so shortly after the shock I feel at the Brexit decision and with the wave of nationalism sweeping across the globe has many of us all too conscious of similarities with the 1930’s and the build up to the Second World War. Having studied man’s inhumanity to man and experienced it through the works of contemporary writers such as Vercours and Camus as part of my first Degree, I am all too aware of the political decisions and social fallout that led to catastrophic failure and destruction. Neighbour turned against neighbour, the rule of law was used not to protect the vulnerable but to protect the interests of the powerful. Years of loss and heartache which no-one could wish to revisit, surely? I have been reminded that there are those, now given power, who see only opportunity in turning back the clock.

I am reminded that we need to interrogate every little facet of our lives and speak up for the principles we hold dear. We cannot let those who have weaseled their way into positions of power on the basis of soundbites and lies (Farage, I include you) dominate our world. Their stance, let’s be clear, is purely economic. They are not looking to improve the economic situation of anyone other than themselves, whatever they say. They see ownership as the only way to ensure safeguarding their power and status.

I am moved also by the words of Audrey Watters in this recent post. She is of course correct, it shouldn’t require the Trump phenomenon to kick us into paying closer attention to the way things are going. We should be watching and resisting the command and control agenda which is creeping into every aspect of our lives. Recently I watched, ashamed, as my colleagues from the EU at work were told to get their paperwork in order and part with substantial amounts of their hard-earned money if they were to be sure of continuing work in this country.  Based upon lies about shortage of resources from a non-elected head of the ruling Conservative party and in the US lies about risks from beyond national borders, false pseudo facts which they don’t question, our societies are giving free rein to the policies of CLOSED. Demanding proof of entitlement, taking away rights and regulations which protect ordinary people in order to benefit and safeguard the continued enrichment of the wealthy. The right of governments to collect unlimited data in settings which subjugate in the name of security and use it without sufficient checks and balances in order to command and control.

So my colours are here – not in the form of an international flag but in the form of simple words, I claim my right to my own free speech, words which enshrine my fundamental values. I nail them to my mast so that I can steer my way forward through the clouds.

  • respect all – no to discrimination in any form, all are born equal
  • play your part however you can to ensure that all are treated fairly
  • insist on real fairness not survival of the fittest, take care of each other
  • think deeply and carefully, don’t believe blindly
  • open eyes, open hearts, open minds

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